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Wilderness Reed Diffuser Refill 50ml



Lime, citrus, lilac, vetiver.


A reed diffuser that summons you to take a recalibrating stroll away from the well-trodden path.

The unmistakable energy of lime amidst a positive blend of citrus fruits. Fresh yet honeyed notes of lilac. And just a hint of vetiver, an Indian tropical grass that offers the subtlest smoky earthiness.


With optimism, we can rediscover what’s possible. Don’t settle, explore. Make a habit out of listening to your curiosity. Veer off onto the scenic route. Feel energised. Enthusiastic. Absorb the abundance around you, like a citrus fruit hanging heavy on its branch. Ripening every moment, soaking in the satisfaction of plenty.

Product details

Mystic Reed Diffuser refill. 


Net 50ml/1.7 fl oz


Each clay vessel has been carefully handmade - not one is completely identical in texture and colour which makes them extra special.

All our vessels are made with natural clay and natural pigments. Clean up spills immediately as staining or stripping may occur.

Wilderness Reed Diffuser Refill 50ml