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About Us

ARTEMIS was founded with one simple and compelling objective in mind: to become the Australia’s best loved home fragrance brand. With scents distilled straight from nature, they have the power to calm and soothe and at the same time uplift, evoking feelings of lying under dappled sunlight in the greenest of valleys while clouds float gently overhead.
ARTEMIS was the mythical goddess of the moon and wild nature from ancient Greek mythology, who danced with nymphs in mountains and forests and marshes. As a group of young, nature-loving people living in Melbourne we drew on that as inspiration.   
We wanted to offer people living a modern and fast-paced life with all of the stress, anxiety and worry that brings, a natural way to relax. A soothing sense of smell, upon which all of the other senses – sight, taste, hearing and touch – can
also be nourished. Like coming home to a warm hug after a long day.
From lemony floral notes of Lily of the Valley to the spicy honeyed decadence of Amber and the lingering dry and sylvan finish of Sandalwood, our team traversed the world to explore the highest quality and the freshest aromatic natural ingredients and collaborated with trusted international master perfumers to create our fragrances.
But we are about more than exquisite scents wrapped up in stunning aesthetic design. With rich experience in the commercial air care industry, we had access to new and cutting-edge diffusion technology we knew could make a powerful difference to the way Australian homes were scented. And so we got to work and after two years of research, development and testing, our flagship product – the Luna Waterless Air Diffuser – was born.
Unlike ultrasonic diffusers, it uses filtered air from your room (rather than heat, a fan or evaporation) to diffuse essential oils into a pure and long-lasting ultra-dry micro mist, allowing you to experience our scents in their purest form, providing you with the maximum therapeutic benefits of your oils. And because there is no damage to the essential oils’ properties, our scents last longer and fragrance larger spaces in your home.
Immerse yourself in the beautiful aroma of ARTEMIS scents from our candle, spray and reed diffuser ranges. Your home is your sanctuary, you need to love everything that you display and our aesthetic-oriented and minimalistic design with calm and natural palette will enhance your space. Let our products weave their magic. In the end it’s all about elevating everyday life. We don’t just perfume the air, we purify it. Our power diffusers make fragrance easier, healthier and more convenient. Beautiful scents that don’t stop at the corner of the room. Breathe.