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Selene Car Aroma Oil 10ml



Pear blossom, bergamot, green tea, yuzu


An aroma essential to conjure the sweet serenity of the pear blossom.

Invite the rejuvenating energy of the pear blossom into your home. Pear blossom has long been a symbol of springtime rebirth and renewal. Bergamot enhances the rejuvenating mood with its warmth, citrusy scent. Then middle notes of green tea and yuzu add a subtle sweetness.


You’re caught in a pear blossom snowstorm. It is the moment when the petals are swept up in the spring winds, dancing in the air. From a distance, it looks like a storm of white petals. Inside, it’s what we’d imagine living in a cloud is like. Surrounded by softness and the most subtle, dewy fragrance.

How to use

Recommend to use with Lander Car Diffuser.

Selene Car Aroma Oil 10ml