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Lander Car Waterless Diffuser + 1 Free Aroma Oil of Your Choice


An essential oil diffuser made for Car.

Lander’s patented waterless technology diffuses untouched, quality aroma. Zero heat. No dilution.

Purify the air in your car. Indulge in the pure, natural benefits of concentrated, unheated essential oils.

Clever, cutting-edge technology

Cold air nebulizing technology vanquishes any odour in the air to perfume without scent-masking. You deserve to know the air in your car is pure, clean and healthy for your loved ones.

Once the air is clean, it’s time for aroma. A consistent, enduring, subtle fragrance.

Undiluted essential oil benefits

An ultra-fine, dry mist perfumes the air with pure essential oils. To diffuse the oils, Lander uses filtered air, not water and evaporation. This means there’s no damage to the essential oils’ properties, sharing the therapeutic properties in their entirety.

With waterless technology, Lander can subtly perfume the space of your car. 10ml of essential oil offers up to 3 mounths of consistent fragrance.

As the dry mist won’t add to a room’s humidity, nor leave an oily residue behind, you can use your Lander anywhere you’d like, not only just in your car, completely worry free.

Lander’s cutting-edge technology doesn’t use heat either. This keeps the integrity of the essential oil’s molecular structure intact to share boundless aromatherapy benefits.

Fully adjustable for a bespoke ambience

Once connected to power, Lander is ready to perfume. It’s as easy as that. With four different modes, you can customise the diffusion depending on the mood.

You won’t see it. You’ll feel it.

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Lander Car Waterless Diffuser + 1 Free Aroma Oil of Your Choice