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Apollo Aroma Oil 30ml



Pear, orange blossom, gardenia, musk.


A vision of a bloom-laden courtyard, crafted from pure essential oils.

Bring the optimism of the outdoors inside with the subtle fruity-floral scent of pear and orange blossom. Pear, ripe and mellow. A swell of orange blossom, sheer, delicate with a deft bitter-sweet balance. Then, known for its hopeful ambience, gardenia offers a windows-flung-open kind of freshness. An oh-so-subtle hum of musk beckons, drawing everything together in harmony.


The organic calm of a soft woven blanket atop freshly cut, vivid green grass. The clean, clear sound of ice swirling inside a glass. White blooms cascade in a tangle from a trellis archway, the occasional petal floating so slowly to the ground, you’d think the air was thick as treacle. Stretch out. Lie back. Take it all in.

How to use

Recommend to use with Luna Waterless Diffuser and/or Lander Car Diffuser.

Apollo Aroma Oil 30ml